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2017 Black Butte Lake Fishing Map and Fishing Report, plus Local Hunting Clubs and Private Fishing

2017 Black Butte Reservoir Fishing Map and Fishing Report, and Local Hunting Clubs and Private Fishing

 Black Butte Lake Fishing Map and Fishing Report how to fish Black Butte Lake, crappie fishing, black butte lake fishing map, black butte reservoir

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 March. 13h 2017 Update

 2017 Black Butte Reservoir Fishing Map, Fishing Report, Local Fishing Clubs, Hunting Clubs and Private Hunting Ranches

  Black Butte Reservoir, and Big Crappie. It’s a lock. Here the fishing is good for crappie into September and October. When it‘s really  hot, they go deep, so simply fish when it‘s early and late.
 At a lake known for crappie, in March and April  you get mostly pan-sized ones, lots of ‘em. But in May fish 1 to 1 1/2 pounds, up to 2  pounds from the south end, and also around the dam.
Catfishing?  Black Butte has channel cats, blue cats, and bullheads, and many in 8 to 12-  pound catfish. For  catfish, refer to our fishing map, and  try the confluence of the two creek channels,  plus the two upper ends of the arms, on drop offs  above the channels.
You can also catch black bass, bluegill, a few stripers, some smallmouth bass or even  bow hunt for carp.   

Seven miles long, with 40 miles of shoreline, Black Butte  is 12 miles west of Interstate 5 at Orland, 137  miles north of Sacramento. 
As our fishing map shows, two long arms, Burris Creek, running west to east, and Orland Buttes, running southwest to northeast. According to our fishing report, the far ends of these arms,  plus  near the dam, are the best places  to find crappie, especially in the hot months.
 There are flooded willows in areas of both arms, and  at the dam. As the lake lowers over the summer, catch them in 3 to 4 feet of water around Fisherman’s  Cove  and shallows, as noted in our Fishing Map.
 But in the summer, fish in about  10 feet of water, or possibly down to 15, around these willows.  Live minnows are the bait to use,  purchased at the marina, place hook under the dorsal fin with a No. 6  or No. 4 bait hook on a 4 to 6-pound test line.
The minnows are usually fished below bobbers, three feet of leader to a snap swivel , then clip the bobber on  the main line above the swivel.
Also be sure  to stick on a split shot  about a foot  above the hook to make sure the minnow  stays off  the surface.   If things are slow, take  off that bobber, drop the bait down to the bottom,  and reel up to where  the crappie are located. 
Try a Mini Jig,  purple-white, red-white, yellow-white and green-white seem to the the popular combinations, and  try it under a  bobber or jig it without the bobber. 
The best fishing will be  early mornings and afternoons after  4 or 5.
Largemouth and smallmouth  bass can be found trolling or casting and retrieving  plugs in front of Squaw Point and Wackerman's  Butte, and in the dam area. Best bet for stripers is  along the buoy line in front of the marina and the  dam area. 

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